How to use Proud Pup inflatable dog collar

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Firstly, please note that this inflatable dog collar is not suitable for injuries to limbs, extremities or other areas that your pet can easily reach. It is best suited to abdominal injuries and for spays.

AVAILABLE IN FIVE SIZES                         


X-small           Maximum 15,2 cm (suitable for yorkies, chihuahuas, minpins etc)

Small.             15,2 cm – 25,4 cm (suitable for jack russell, most terriers)

Medium          254 cm – 33 cm (suitable for

Large              33 cm – 45,7 cm  

X-Large          45,7 cm +  (great dane, rottweiler, german shepard etc)





 °  Remove your pet’s normal collar

 °  Inflate Proud Pup inflatable dog collar by pinching retractable air valve and blowing it up as you would an armband or beach toys. Easy!

 °  Depress valve once inner tube is filled with air

 ° Run your pet’s collar through the inner ring straps of inflated collar.

 °  Ensure security strap is on the bottom side of the Proud Pup protective collar

 °  Secure the velcro tab at both ends covering velcro completely. Velcro is very abrasive and could irritate your pet’s skin if left uncovered.

 ° Disconnect security strap

 ° Wrap one end of security strap around pet’s chest behind the front legs, adjust for comfort and reconnect strap

 ° Give your pet lots of reassurance, cuddles and love and speak to your furry friend in a comforting manner so that you draw attention away from the strange unfamiliar collar.

 ° Stay with your pet and watch them to make sure they are comfortable and happy. Perhaps this is a good time for a treat so that they don’t associate negativity with the collar.