Abdominal strap to secure inflatable collar on pet.Proud Pup inflatable collars with unique abdominal strap!

We believe in doggy dignity! No more “cone of shame” for your loyal canine friends. New in South Africa with nation wide delivery!

Seeing our furry family looking sorry for themselves is heartbreaking and we just could not take it any more.

  • They cannot see properly and that is scary for them.
  • Eating and drinking is difficult, if not impossible.
  • Sleeping is very uncomfortable.
  • They keep bumping into everything and knocking things over.
  • Moving is awkward, especially in tighter spaces that they normally can zoom through.

So we decided to find a solution. No more sad pets like these poor guys…

Inflatable collar image

Our Proud Pup inflatable doggy collar gives your best friend their dignity back.

Our business started after the owners’ own rescue rottie had to be spayed. She had been abused as a puppy and confiscated by the SPCA before we adopted her.

Little Bella was terrified by the cone of shame she had to wear after her spaying operation and so we investigated a more humane solution. Lo and behold, we found the right product for her.

She could happily wear her inflatable collar, without limiting her vision or bashing into everything as she walked about the house. Her operation site healed up beautifully because she was restricted from licking the wound by the inflatable dog collar, while still having her dignity and not being freaked out by a huge plastic cone.

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Your pet’s injuries and surgeries can heal better using Proud Pup’s inflatable dog collar. This inflatable collar stops your pet from reaching their injuries, rashes or post-surgery wounds. This collar is inflatable and more comfortable for your pet, strapping onto their collar with a supporting harness under their front legs.

Why is our product superior to other inflatable collars? It has unique, comfortable and durable straps that fasten around your pet’s torso behind the front legs… this prevents your pet from removing the collar and ensures it stays on your happy pet!


    • Velcro, hook-and-loop straps connect the inflatable collar to your dog’s normal collar to hold securely in place.
    • Prevents pets from biting and licking their injuries, rashes or post-surgery wounds
    • Bite-resistant outer covering for durability
    • The inflatable design is comfortable for your pet and less intrusive than the traditional plastic cone

Instructions for use:
1.Inflate collar by pinching and blowing into retractable air valve. Depress valve after filling inner tube with air.
2. Remove your pet’s collar and run it through inner ring straps of the Proud Pup inflatable dog collar. Make sure security strap is on the bottom side of protective collar.
3. Re-attach collar around your pet’s neck. Adjust so the velcro tab and security strap are behind pet’€™s head. Security strap will be on the bottom side of the protective collar.
4. Secure velcro tab so both ends of the protective collar are together and completely cover each other. Ensure velcro is completely covered so that it does not agitate your pet’s skin.
5. Disconnect security strap and wrap one end around pet’s chest behind front legs. Adjust so that pet is comfortable.

Caution: This protective inflatable collar may help protect your pet from reaching certain injuries or wounds. Some pets may be able to reach wounds on legs, paws and tail. Monitor your pet when wearing the protective inflatable collar to ensure that pet cannot reach their wound. While this product has a tough outer cover, do not allow pet or their siblings to bite or chew on the product. The product can be punctured which will render it useless.

Protective Collar Size Chart – size up if pet is between sizes or has long limbs.

Inflatable Collar Size Size of Neck (circumference)
X-Small Maximum of 15.2 cm
Small 15.2 cm – 25.4 cm
Medium 25.4 cm – 33.0 cm
Large 33 cm – 45.7 cm
X-Large 45.7 cm and up

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Proud Pup is now owned and operated by Nastosolve (Pty) Ltd t/a Proud Pup.