Why use Proud Pup inflatable dog collar?

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It has been said and it’s true that dogs are man’s best friend.

Most of us have at least one pet in the home and our beloved kitty or pooch is as much a part of the family as any other family member. Sadly we aren’t always as good a friend to our faithful companion as we could be but most of us do try and if we could assist in helping them through trials and recovery most of us would.

At one time or another our furry friend or “child” is going to spend some time at the vet and need lots of tender loving care and supervision, especially after surgery. It’s almost impossible to constantly watch them.

Trying to keep their wounds clean and prevent them from scratching is a nightmare! It’s rather intimidating when your once gentle pet suddenly snaps at you or your child but let’s face it, so would you if you were in pain and couldn’t understand that you were only making it worse by scratching.

So because we genuinely love our pets we go to great lengths to care for them. Some strange contraptions have been invented over the years but as for that hideous cone of shame, who needs it!

It’s bad enough being in pain and itching like mad without being blinded too! More often than not the poor pet collapses from exhaustion after spending hours wrestling with it and it’s so uncomfortable.

That’s why we have gone out of our way to find the best products for your pets.

WHAT SET OUR PROUD PUP COLLARS APART from other inflatable dog collars is that we have gone out of our way to improve and adjust our collars so that your beloved pet is as comfortable as possible. By disconnecting the security strap and wrapping one end under their chest behind the front legs, and adjusting for comfort, there is no way they can remove it.


Cat investigating cone of shame
Boxer wearing cone of shame

SAY GOODBYE TO THE CONE OF SHAME forever! Throw it away or donate it to a local animal rescue shelter. You’ll never look back once you try our user friendly PROUD PUP INFLATABLE COLLAR.



X-small Maximum 15,2 cm

Small. 15,2 cm – 25,4 cm

Medium 254 cm – 33 cm

Large 33 cm – 45,7 cm

X-Large 45,7 cm +

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IN NO TIME AT ALL your furry family member will get used to the collar, even be able to sleep comfortably, using it as a pillow and begin to heal.


Our collars have velcro tabs at both ends which will be completely covered if collar is attached correctly, preventing agitation.


If you’re worried that your pet will reach wounds on their legs or tail some people have found that using two collars worked wonders. This is easy to do with smaller dogs as you can use a bigger size for the second one. Attach it with the security strap. A little improvisation will go a long way and everyone will feel much better after a good night’s sleep.

Try to keep an eye on your pet as much as possible, especially if there are other animals at home who might be inclined to try chew the collar or agitate the recovering patient. Do allow the entire brood to familiarise themselves with the new collar. Animals are naturally inquisitive and the other pets in the home can be a great source of comfort while the patient recovers. Animals don’t like being alone or alienated.

BEFORE LONG you and your pet will be running around good as new. And what could be better than that?