Digital Pet Tag – White

R145.00 Incl. VAT


A 30mm Digital Pet ID Tag, equipped with an UNIQUE NFC chip and QR code that links to an UNIQUE online web page. This online web page displays vital Pet Owner and Pet information needed to not only reunite the Pet with its owner but also displays critical information regarding the Pets behaviour, medical condition, etc.

The TAG can be read by any Smart Phone & computer. Pet owners will be automatically notified when the Tag is scanned. The membership is free and the Owner and Pet data is 100% secure and private.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Free Online Pet Profile – No signup or subscription fees
  • Lifetime subscription from PetPA
  • Scan / Tap Notification
  • Viewer Geolocation
  • Report Missing Pet

3 Ways the Tag Information can be Accessed

QR Code

Simply Scan the QR Code on the Tag with your mobile Phone’s Camera.

QR Code


Just Slide the back of the Tag down the back of you mobile Phone.

QR Code


Type the URL found at the back of the Tag into any Internet Browser.

QR Code

Getting Started

1. BUY

Buy your PetPA ID Tag below or at your Local or Online Pet Supply Store


Activate your PetPA ID Tag by clicking “Activate Tag” and follow the instructions.


Use the supplied split ring to easily attach the PetPA ID Tag to your pet’s collar.

Additionally, the Pet Owner can be proactive and report the pet missing to the whole PetPA Community. This will enable the entire PetPA Community to be on the lookout along with the Pet Owner for their lost Pet.

Digital Pet Tag